Emily + Casey

November 4, 2014

Emily approached me with the idea of a family session at home. I loved the suggestion since this is a true example of a “lifestyle” shoot. How much more comfortable can you get then being at home on your front porch with your furry babies? Emily and Casey were a pleasure to work with. As you can see from the images there was a lot of laughter. Emily has one of those laughs, you know, the kind that fills the room and is completely infectious. Her laugh is so adorably big that as I edited their images I found myself still laughing with her. They were relaxed with her glass of wine and his tumbler of whiskey. Scout (the lab)  followed us around the yard and wasn’t far with his ball in mouth. While Boudreaux really just wanted to be back inside on his cozy wingback chair. It was a great fall afternoon spent at their new home. Here’s a few of my favorites from the shoot.

Emily and Casey_-103.jpg

Emily and Casey_-68.jpg

Emily and Casey_-126.jpg
Emily and Casey_-134.jpg
Emily and Casey_-114.jpg

Emily and Casey_-16.jpg
Emily and Casey_-162.jpg

Emily and Casey_-108.jpg

Emily and Casey_-160.jpg

Emily and Casey_-75.jpgEmily and Casey_-2.jpg Emily and Casey_-26.jpg Emily and Casey_-32.jpg Emily and Casey_-41.jpg Emily and Casey_-73.jpg Emily and Casey_.jpg Emily and Casey_-9.jpg Emily and Casey_-88.jpg Emily and Casey_-99.jpg Emily and Casey_-7.jpg


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