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Favorite Moments of 2014

As I sit here and write this, I realize I’m already over three weeks into 2015, and this post is late. I had such a fun time looking through the sessions and picking some of my favorites. 2014 was such a special year for me. I was reached many of my goals: it was my first full year in business; mid-way through the year, I decided to leave my pre existing job and become a photographer full time; I shot my first styled shoot; I meet and worked with some wonderful photographers that I admire greatly; and, the best part was getting to meet and work with all of my wonderful brides and grooms. They are the key to my business. They are what make my job incredible. They made my year full of fun, laughter, and joy. As I look through these images from the previous year, I realize that they may not be my “best” or may not even be technically “correct ” but there is something about them that is special to and speaks to me. Each image selected moves me, and that is what photography is suppose to do…make you feel.

Congratulations to:  Mr. and Mrs.  Castille, Earnest, Devillier, Negron, Waldon, Carter, Whipp, Lanphier, Matherne, Walthall, Jonko, Grey, Terrell, Roper, Mayer, Courville and Onebane.

Jana and Zach engagement edited-118.jpgJana and Zach engagement edited-84.jpgFishers 2year edited-134.jpgHaley and Conner Edited-26.jpgHaley and Conner Edited-31.jpgHebert Family_-173.jpgHebert Family_-20.jpgBethany and Victor Engagement Session-82.jpgSarah and Rory Engagement Session_-185.jpgKyle Senior Session-68.jpgKyle Senior Session-7.jpg

Lacy and Nick Reshoot (Beach-City)_-248.jpgJade and Micah Edited_-87.jpg

Lacy and Nick Reshoot (Beach-City)_-222.jpgJade and Micah Edited_-70.jpgJade and Micah Edited_-38.jpg

Ann Marie and Chris-231

Ann Marie and Chris-297.jpgVintage Style Shoot_-178.jpgVintage Style Shoot_-38.jpgVintage Style Shoot_-140.jpgMarys Senior Session-174(1).jpgMarys Senior Session-175.jpgMarys Senior Session-21.jpgMarys Senior Session-167.jpgMarys Senior Session-114.jpgLacy and Nick  (132 of 349).jpgLacy and Nick  (179 of 349).jpgLacy and Nick  (93 of 349).jpgBroussard Family Session Edited  (152 of 268).jpgBroussard Family Session Edited  (12 of 268).jpgBroussard Family Session Edited  (184 of 268).jpgLilly and Charlotte_-46.jpgLilly and Charlotte_-52.jpgTrahan Family Pictures_-53.jpg

Aj and Zach Wedding (190 of 844).jpgJana Bridal Edited-170.jpgJana Bridal Edited-84.jpgCasey and Dan-551.jpgCasey and Dan-696.jpgCharley and Erin  (50 of 269).jpgAj and Zach Wedding (386 of 844).jpgAj and Zach Wedding (770 of 844).jpgAj and Zach Wedding (373 of 844).jpgNichole and Kevin  (24 of 220).jpgThree Nails  (1 of 1)-2.jpgMajor 1year (1 of 1)-2.jpgHebert Family Fair Days  (1 of 1)-57.jpgJana and Zach Wedding  (1 of 1)-11.jpgJana and Zach Wedding  (1 of 1)-72.jpgJana and Zach Wedding  (1 of 1)-82.jpgBridals  (126 of 184)

Jade and Micah Edited_-118.jpgJayne Bridals (105 of 248).jpgJayne and Dustin Edited Engage-233.jpgJayne and Dustin Edited Engage-268.jpgKatti Bridals  (19 of 312).jpgKatti Bridals  (305 of 312).jpgAnn Marie Bridals (142 of 334).jpgAnn Marie Bridals (156 of 334).jpgmegan and jake  (228 of 269).jpgmegan and jake  (103 of 269).jpgmegan and jake  (92 of 269).jpgErin Todd Bridals (1 of 1)-28.jpgErin Todd Bridals (1 of 1)-10.jpgErin Todd Bridals (1 of 1)-40.jpgErin Todd Bridals (1 of 1)-53.jpgAnn Kathrine Senior session edited-403.jpgAnn Kathrine Senior session edited-336.jpgHaley and Conner Wedding_-23.jpgCourtney Bridals  (142 of 149).jpgEmilys Bridals  (14 of 194).jpgErin and Charley  (1 of 1)-30.jpgErin and Charley  (1 of 1)-37.jpgErin and Charley  (1 of 1)-67.jpgKelli and JOe (1 of 1)-16.jpg
Kelli and JOe (1 of 1)-18.jpgKelli and JOe (1 of 1)-8.jpgKelli and JOe (1 of 1)-47.jpgKelli and JOe (1 of 1)-41.jpg
Jayne and Dustin-132.jpgJayne and Dustin-178.jpg

Jayne and Dustin-50.jpg

Taylor and Michael  (2 of 264).jpgCourtney and Ryan Wedding-504.jpgEmily and Nick (24 of 994).jpgBethany and Victor-356.jpgBethany and Victor-553.jpgBethany and Victor-137.jpgxxsecond shooter 31.jpgNick and Lacy  (666 of 1009).jpgTrahan Famiy BLOG FAVS-14.jpgRachel and Brandon-128.jpgSarah and Rory_-2.jpg


Tiffany and Sam-4.jpgTiffany and Sam-66.jpg

Arielle and Evan-127

Tiffany and Sam-5.jpgTiffany and Sam-7.jpgTiffany and Sam-8.jpgTiffany and Sam.jpg

2014_.jpgTraci-128.jpgCourtney and Ryan Wedding-315.jpgCassie and BC-23.jpgCasie and Dylan-99.jpgCasie and Dylan-91.jpgCasie and Dylan-43.jpgCasie and Dylan-111.jpgBethany Bridals Edited  (89 of 186).jpg

Alysse and Preston.jpgAnna and Dal Wedding Edited-245.jpgAnna and Dal Wedding Edited-358.jpgAnna and Dal Wedding Edited-39.jpgAnna and Dal Wedding Edited-564.jpgAriel.jpgArielle (53 of 283).jpg


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