Cat’s Bridals

March 12, 2015

February 5, 2015 I witnessed the prettiest golden hour I’ve ever seen. We get two golden hours each day; the first hour of light after sunrise, and the last hour of light before sunset. During these times the sun is low in the sky, producing a soft, diffused light and boy is it magical. I pulled up to Jungle Gardens and I could see the sun coming through the moss. It was almost sparkling like silver thread hanging from the oaks. Being a photographer in Louisiana, like all places, has it pros and cons. Some days I wish for a change of scenery. I think how cool it would be to photograph mountains, an ocean, or a big city. But that day I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else. I fell in love with the moss and oak trees all over again. I find myself at Jungle Gardens often but this particular golden hour mixed with the coolest bride EVER was a recipe for inspiration and feed my creative soul.

When I think of Catherine a lot of happy thoughts come to mind. She is the tallest bride I’ve ever shot standing at 6′. I walked around jungle gardens with a step ladder.  She is truly captivating. It may be her height, long delicate ballerina arms and graceful presence.  She is gorgeous on the inside and out. One of my favorite things about her is her style and individuality. Half way through the session Cat decided she wanted to take some pictures with her black leather gloves, coat, and boots. I loved the idea because they showed off Cat’s personality.  At the rehearsal dinner her mom told me that those pictures will be printed and hung because those are the ones that look most like Cat.

To be beautiful you must be yourself. Why copy when you can be an original?! I would encourage all of my brides to find a dress and bridal look that fits their personality. Catherine was so inspirational to shoot. Besides the fact that she is madly in love, (which always looks great in photographs), she stayed true to who she is. I love her such a sweet face and kind smile. These are a few (I have way too many favorites) from the shoot. Enjoy and remember…

 “Be free, be you, completely and unapologetically.”

Cat's Bridals-86.jpg Cat's Bridals-90.jpg Cat's Bridals-74.jpg Cat's Bridals-65.jpg Cat's Bridals-83.jpg Cat's Bridals-108.jpg Cat's Bridals-117.jpg Cat's Bridals-111.jpg Cat's Bridals-139.jpg Cat's Bridals-144.jpg Cat's Bridals-150.jpg Cat's Bridals-132.jpg Cat's Bridals-123.jpg Cat's Bridals-155.jpg Cat's Bridals-160.jpg Cat's Bridals-164.jpg Cat's Bridals-169.jpg Cat's Bridals-19.jpg Cat's Bridals-201.jpg Cat's Bridals-230.jpg

Cat's Bridals-37.jpgCat's Bridals-232.jpgCat's Bridals-241.jpg Cat's Bridals-237.jpg Cat's Bridals-51.jpg Cat's Bridals-257.jpgCat's Bridals-58.jpg

Cat's Bridals-251.jpg


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