April 7, 2015

Meet Sarah! Sarah and I had a blast together exploring Rip Van Winkle Gardens. There is an ease that comes with working with seniors that I love. As I photograph them I cant help but smile; So much life to live and dreams to fulfill.  Sarah was fun to photograph with her big green eyes and long hair. She is a natural in front of the camera. Here are some of my favorites from the shoot!

“She believed she could so she did.” Sarah Senior_-10.jpg

Sarah Senior_-62.jpg Sarah Senior_-51.jpg Sarah Senior_-47.jpgSarah Senior_-42.jpg Sarah Senior_-39.jpg Sarah Senior_-37.jpg Sarah Senior_-36.jpg Sarah Senior_-30.jpg Sarah Senior_-26.jpg Sarah Senior_-22.jpg Sarah Senior_-75.jpg Sarah Senior_-99.jpg

Sarah Senior_-84.jpg

Sarah Senior_-85.jpg Sarah Senior_-94.jpg Sarah Senior_-95.jpg Sarah Senior_-110.jpg Sarah Senior_-137.jpg Sarah Senior_-140.jpg Sarah Senior_-252.jpg Sarah Senior_-216.jpg Sarah Senior_-212.jpg Sarah Senior_-192.jpg Sarah Senior_-209.jpg Sarah Senior_-180.jpg Sarah Senior_-170.jpg Sarah Senior_-148.jpg Sarah Senior_-141.jpg


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