April 10, 2015

Meet Alexis! I love shooting seniors because each girl brings something different to the table. Alexis has a look about her that was such a pleasure to shoot. We had a great time exploring downtown Lafayette. Alexis wanted a certain look for her senior pictures. I like a girl that knows what she wants and it allowed me to shoot with a little more edge then usual! Here are a few of my favorite from the shoot.
Alexis-38.jpg Alexis-81.jpg Alexis-64.jpg Alexis-52.jpg Alexis-51.jpg Alexis-50.jpg Alexis-20.jpg Alexis-18.jpg Alexis-10.jpg Alexis-174.jpg Alexis-183.jpg Alexis-169.jpg Alexis-161.jpg Alexis-155.jpg Alexis-152.jpgAlexis-125.jpgAlexis-120.jpg Alexis-114.jpg Alexis-188.jpg Alexis-207.jpg Alexis-22.jpg Alexis-220.jpg Alexis-210.jpg Alexis-332.jpg Alexis-342.jpg Alexis-348.jpg Alexis-226.jpg Alexis-232.jpg Alexis-238.jpg Alexis-247.jpg Alexis-259.jpg Alexis-261.jpg Alexis-262.jpg Alexis-266.jpg Alexis-269.jpg Alexis-270.jpg Alexis-276.jpg Alexis-290.jpg Alexis-301.jpg Alexis-306.jpg Alexis-309.jpg Alexis-318.jpg Alexis-320.jpg Alexis-328.jpg


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