Morgan Claire

April 22, 2015

Meet Morgan; A stunning tennis player who has the whole world at her finger tips! Its rare to meet an 18 year old that is fully comfortable in her own skin. I imagine shooting her would be similar to working with a professional model. She was a joy to photograph! We had a great afternoon exploring the property. Her mother owns Morgan Claire Boutique here in Lafayette so her outfits were to die for! Here are a few of my favorites from the session!

“Believe in yourself so strongly that the world cant help but to believe in you too!”

DSC_1874.jpg DSC_1882.jpg DSC_1887.jpg DSC_1890.jpg Morgan Claire-10.jpg Morgan Claire-12.jpg Morgan Claire-23.jpg Morgan Claire-51.jpg Morgan Claire-53.jpg Morgan Claire-189.jpg Morgan Claire-107.jpg Morgan Claire-113.jpg Morgan Claire-114.jpg Morgan Claire-117.jpg Morgan Claire-123.jpg Morgan Claire-127.jpg Morgan Claire-136.jpg Morgan Claire-138.jpg Morgan Claire-145.jpg Morgan Claire-151.jpg Morgan Claire-154.jpg Morgan Claire-157.jpg Morgan Claire-166.jpg Morgan Claire-179.jpg Morgan Claire-180.jpg Morgan Claire-201.jpg Morgan Claire-205.jpg Morgan Claire-33.jpg Morgan Claire-5.jpg Morgan Claire-56.jpg Morgan Claire-87.jpg Morgan Claire-94.jpg Morgan Claire-88.jpg


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