May 4, 2015

Millie made such a pretty bride! We had a great time exploring private property and shaking off the bugs that found a new home in her dress. Millicent and Brian wed this past Saturday and Im finally able to share her bridals! These are a few of my favorites from the shoot.
Millie Bridals-47.jpg
Millie Bridals-31.jpg
Millie Bridals-112.jpg
Millie Bridals-147.jpg
Millie Bridals-27.jpg
Millie Bridals-80.jpg
Millie Bridals-71.jpg
Millie Bridals-7.jpg
Millie Bridals-67.jpg

Millie Bridals-156.jpg

Millie Bridals-65.jpg
Millie Bridals-63.jpg
Millie Bridals-14.jpg
Millie Bridals-157.jpg
Millie Bridals-159.jpg
Millie Bridals-174.jpg
Millie Bridals-177.jpg
Millie Bridals-179.jpg
Millie Bridals-182.jpg
Millie Bridals-165.jpg
Millie Bridals-190.jpgMillie Bridals-164.jpgMillie Bridals-201.jpg
Millie Bridals-202.jpg
Millie Bridals-220.jpg
Millie Bridals-228.jpg Millie Bridals-234.jpg Millie Bridals-243.jpg Millie Bridals-256.jpg


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