May 27, 2015

Meet Mrs. Robinson. Didn’t Kelly make a stunning bride?! When I arrived at the Victorian for her bridals I was excited to finally meet Kelly. When I walked in she was stilling by the front door in her dress and veil swinging her feet just chilling. This is my kind of bride. As I walked in she squealed, “Yay, it’s you!!!.” She jumped up and gave me a hug. That instant I know we would have a blast together. Kelly has the most infectious smile. You cant help but be happy when you are around her. As you can tell from some of my favorites, I also loved her serious pout. The beauty she has inside that sweet heart of hers comes out and you see it immediately. What a complete sweet heart!

Congratulations to Kelly and Skipper!

Kelly Bridals-53.jpg Kelly Bridals-57.jpg Kelly Bridals-88.jpg Kelly Bridals-60.jpg Kelly Bridals-66.jpg Kelly Bridals-71.jpg Kelly Bridals-76.jpg Kelly Bridals-42.jpg Kelly Bridals-31.jpg Kelly Bridals.jpg Kelly Bridals-17.jpg Kelly Bridals-122.jpg Kelly Bridals-140.jpg Kelly Bridals-185.jpg Kelly Bridals-146.jpg Kelly Bridals-141.jpg


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