June 22, 2015

Meet Charis, my last senior of the year and boy did we save on of the best for last! When she stepped out of the car and I met her for the first time I was instantly inspired! I mean really?! -her height, that hair and her crystal baby blues! Here’s to the hippy/boho style that’s in right now! I’m all for light makeup and flowy tops! My seniors are as sweet as they are pretty! We had a great time exploring Jungle Gardens despite the horse flies that are as big as my camera; gotta love south Louisiana! Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot!

Charis-3859.jpgCharis-3838.jpg Charis-3849.jpg Charis-3861.jpg Charis-3940.jpg Charis-4014.jpg Charis-4023.jpg Charis-4070.jpg Charis-4074.jpg Charis-4122.jpg Charis-4143.jpg Charis-4206.jpg Charis-4224.jpg Charis-4240.jpg Charis-4275.jpg Charis-4304.jpg Charis-4402.jpg Charis-4407.jpg Charis-4410.jpg



Charis-4576.jpg Charis-4596.jpg Charis-4611.jpg Charis-4648.jpg Charis-4726.jpg Charis-4754.jpg Charis-4893.jpg


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