Lindsay + John

July 10, 2016

Lindsay + John

New Orleans has this couples heart. It’s the city that they call home. The city where they fell in love. When it came down to planning their wedding there was no question where it should be. On a rooftop overlooking their beloved city. Their style as a couple reflects the vibes of Nola, “Let the good times roll.” When arriving we first visited John and his boys. They didnt have a care in the world. I always laugh when I look at the difference between the Groom and his men verses the Bride and her girls. There’s no stress. It’s really a pre-party before the real party/reception gets started. There is an ease while shooing them. Im usually offered a beer and to watch tv; It’s always a good time. Leaving the boys I headed to Lindsay. I was so excited to see her. She was one of those brides who felt more like a friend then a client.

They’re first look was one of my favorites. They exchanged meaningful gifts and private vows to each other. I always feel so privileged to be a part of such intimate moment. Their “unplugged” (ALWAYS a good choice)┬áceremony was perfect; full of laughter and tears. The reception was tons of fun which had a lot to do with the couple. Sometimes Im asked, “How to we insure a fun reception?” My response is, “If you are dancing everyone else will dance too.” The night ended as every New Orleans wedding should; a second line to the after party. What a wedding!



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