Jenn + Luke Mexico

July 27, 2016

Jenn + Luke


(The southern belle and a LSU football player)

When Jenn first contacted me about her destination wedding in Mexico I was beyond excited! Completely over the moon! My first international wedding at one of our favorite vacation spots! You can’t beat the ease of Mexico. Just a 3 hour plane ride and your seeing crystal waters! Jenn and Luke decided to do their engagement session a couple days before their wedding. I loved that idea since I got to do a photoshoot on the beach, explore the resort where they would be getting married, and Jenn and Luke got comfortable being in front of the camera! What a fun afternoon. Jenn asked me before we left what should she wear for the shoot. I love when my clients and I are on the same page! All I wanted was something that would flow in the breeze and thats exactly what I got. Jenn and Luke had a great chemistry not to mention how gorgeous she is!! They were willing to do anything for great pictures! I swear Jenn would have gone swimming in the ocean if I would have asked her to. Gotta love that attitude. Being with them for the engagement session made us so excited for their wedding. They treated us more like guests then a vendor. It was like watching our friends getting married. We couldn’t have asked for a better couple for our first international wedding experience! Their wedding will be hitting the blog very soon.
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