Hebert Family

July 29, 2016

Hebert Family


While we were in Mexico in May my sister and her family were there to celebrating their anniversary! What better gift then a family shoot. I love shooting my nephews; I mean come on; could they get any cuter? They are growing up so fast, Im seeing the importance of photographing each stage. Fisher is 4 years old and he already had lost a tooth. 1/2 way through the shoot he lost another tooth leaving him with that adorable gap at the bottom of his mouth. Shooting a family is very different my normal couple session. Kids definitely give you a run for your money. Michael had a bag of M&Ms and after every picture would reward the boys with their “treat”. Kinda like puppies. “Smile”…good boy. (mouth opens for M&M) It was a good little system. What I love about Lindsey is she always finds the PRETTIEST hotels anywhere she goes. Nizuc was absolutely stunning! I was so excited to photograph there. Happy 14th! Love yall!


2016-07-29_0001.jpg 2016-07-29_0002.jpg 2016-07-29_0004.jpg 2016-07-29_0003.jpg 2016-07-29_0005.jpg 2016-07-29_0006.jpg 2016-07-29_0007.jpg 2016-07-29_0008.jpg 2016-07-29_0009.jpg

2016-07-29_0016.jpg2016-07-29_0010.jpg 2016-07-29_0012.jpg 2016-07-29_0015.jpg 2016-07-29_0013.jpg 2016-07-29_0014.jpg


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